Tarot Spreads

There are an infinite number of Tarot spreads. We will discuss the common ones here. Keep in mind that you can do readings just as well, better for some, without using spreads. Or, better yet, develop your own spread.

The more readings you do, the more comfortable it will be an you will naturally develop your own way to read the cards.

3-card / 4-card / Celtic Cross /
Relationship / Astrological / Making a decision

The basic 3-card draw

Mind-Body-Spirit or Past-Present-Future

Shuffle the cards, concentrating on the subject. Pull three cards. Examine each card individually in relation to its category and then in relation to each other.

Curious how one card can be interpreted to fit any category? Check out our sample spread and the multiple interpretations of it.

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4-card draws

Just like the 3-card draw, the 4 card spread can have many interpretations. Just because a drawing is simple, do not think that it isn't powerful. Some of these quick readings are full of information and really all you need to know. Here are some examples:

· What you have, what you desire, what you need, what you get
· The situation, how it evolves in the next 4 weeks, someone/something that will effect the situation, the outcome
· What you need to leave behind/release, what you must confront, what you need to know, what you will attain.
· Outlook for an event/situation, who/what will help, where it will lead, what emotions it will invoke
· Your greatest strength, how you can enhance it, how you can apply it, what strength it brings you

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The Celtic Cross

This 10-card spread is probably the most well-know spread. While many people start with this spread, many quickly abandon it or adapt the spread to better suit their needs.


  1. Your present situation
  2. What crosses you; your obstacle or assisting influences
  3. Past events that determined your present situation
  4. Resent past; an influence on the current situation that is waning but still there
  5. A possible future based upon your energy at the moment
  6. The near future; the short-term outcome of the question at hand
  7. How you perceive the situation
  8. How others see you
  9. Your hopes and fears
  10. The final outcome.

Note: Compare card 5 and 10. If there appears to be a discrepancy, it is a message that you will have to take some different actions to achieve the outcome you desire.

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The Relationship Spread

1. What are you bringing to the relationship
2. What the other person is bringing
3. How the relationship effects you emotionally
4. How the relationship effects your partner emotionally
5. The outcome of the relationship

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Making a decision

1-3: What will happen if you chose option A
4-6: What will happen if you chose option B
7: Outcome if you chose A
8: Outcome if you chose B
9: Something you need to know before deciding

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Astrological Spread

1. First House - the house of self-expression and identity; how you see yourself
2. Second House - the house of tangible assets, personal income and earning capability.
3. Third House - the house of intellect and communications, mental expression and relatives.
4. Fourth House - the house of home, property, environmental expenses and domestic affairs
5. Fifth House - the house of pleasurable pursuits, romance, entertainment and speculative adventures
6. Sixth House - the house of working conditions and career as well as health, sickness and nutrition
7. Seventh House - the house of partnerships, agreements and mergers, business and personal relationships.
8. Eighth House - the house of death, rebirth, legacies and inherited assets.
9. Ninth House - the spiritual guidance and teachings which work toward developing self knowledge; travel and lengthy journeys
10. Tenth House - the house of goals, ambitions, achievements and worldly attainments
11. Eleventh House - the house of friendship and for other affiliations which help to advance your personal objective
12. Twelfth House - the house of a blind spot in your make up that could cause limitation or unnecessary suffering
13. Thirteenth Card - the summation of all the proceeding card.

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