The Emperor


The Emperor represents worldly power and attainment in all things traditionally masculine, such as authority, wealth and competence in work. He is authority figures such as father, boss, police, government, court. This emperor symbolizes logic over emotion and is often associated with official actions such as the law. He shows impressive leadership and is open to the ideas and counsel of others.

It signifies time to take control of material aspects, make definite changes. Bring ideas into concrete reality. Something you desire is starting to appear in your life even if you can’t see it yet. Your greatest strength is your power of will. Through visualization and intent you can manifest your desires – and you have a desire to increase domination in every direction.

The Emperor can also have a competitive edge and rises to meet a challenge.

He also represents the male aspect: father, brother, uncle, husband,e tc. Patriarchal figure.

Reversed - Bossy, unable to receive from others. Immaturity. Inability to cope with responsibility. Feeble effort. Subservience and hypocrisy. An inability to make difficult decisions cause others to lose faith. Petty behavior. Weak character. Lack of strength.

Magickal Associations
Color Deep blue
Herb Columbine or Solomon's Seal
Incense Frankincense
Oil Marjoram
Gemstone Turquoise
Sign Aries
Focus For rituals for power, courage, success, prosperity, career and middle-aged men


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