Also called Wynn
Old Norse name: none
Flower: larkspur; love-in-a-mist (emotional/sexual)
Gem: diamond, moss agate
Number: 6

The first way to interpret Wunjo is the way most rune readers do-as joy and happiness, plain and simple. Wunjo in a reading is always an excellent omen, especially when it appears in a result position. If it appears with "news" runes, such as Ansuz, it can mean that the querent will be getting good news. If it appears with a rune such as Gebo, it indicates that all is well with the querent's relationships. With travel runes, Wunjo indicates that the journey in question will be successful.

When reversed Wunjo would, obviously, mean querent will experiences unhappiness. It can indicate that a third party is causing trouble. It can also signify a need for caution, and if the querent has a decision to make, he may want to delay doing so for six days, weeks, or months (exactly when will be determined by the other runes in the reading and possibly by the reading itself).

The other way to interpret Wunjo comes from Freya Aswynn, whom I quote a lot throughout this section (she's incredibly knowledgeable about the runes and their Teutonic backgrounds-I highly suggest reading Northern Mysteries and Magick for a thorough look into Freya's insights). The primitive Germanic word "wunjo" meant perfection; and from "wunjo" were derived the German "Wunsch" and the Dutch "wens," both of which mean wish. One of the aspects of Odin, to whom Wunjo is attributed, was as a fulfiller of wishes. So Wunjo can indicate wishes, either wishes fulfilled or wishes yet to be fulfilled, and especially wishes that would push the querent closer to his ideal, closer to perfection, in other words.

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