Quick Guide to Freya Aswynn's
Magickal Meanings of Runes

I've boiled down Freya's magickal correspondences for each rune into a few words. These may or may not correspond to the divinatory meanings discussed earlier, so my suggestion is to use these particular meanings only for runic magick to begin with, and then experiment gradually. To read more about what Freya has to say on the subject, check out Northern Mysteries and Magick.

Fehu -- -- wealth, luck, responsibility, creative energy; used to draw in energy for a given magickal operation, or as the moving force behind a working

Uruz -- positive strength, determination, perseverance, courage, physical health, assertiveness; include in any healing

Thurisaz -- protection, combating any action, curses (but be careful -- can backfire easily!)

Ansuz -- can be used to gain knowledge of Odin, the gods, our own ancestors and ancestral heritage

Raido -- ability to control, take initiatives, put things in order, be the boss, move or remove things, direct magickal energies where needed

Kenaz -- kinship, learning, teaching, quest for knowledge and passing knowledge on; gaining occult knowledge from other planes; use for astral or shamanic travel; exposing what is hidden

Gebo -- reconciles two opposed or complementary forces; use to bind or to give blessings or curses

Wunjo -- realize true will, wishing; combines well with Raido (ability to control)

Hagalaz -- creates confusion, disruption; can be used in vengeance spells to turn someone's past against him

Nauthiz -- excellent for defensive magick, as in restraining or restricting someone else's magickal attack; can be used to stop incoming action

Isa -- defense by blocking; that is, places barriers in the path of opponent or competitor

Jera -- creates positive, lasting change in a situation; works well in all matters involving time

Eihwaz -- use in situations that demand an outgoing, go-out-and-get-it response, such as searching for a job or an apartment

Pertho -- use in regression work; can put you in touch with the Norns

Algiz -- invoke divine protection, acts as shielding device, especially in working where backlash is a consideration; can be applied to the four corners as a protective sigil, much like a pentagram, but with a more defensive effect

Sowulo -- contributes strength to any healing spell; reinforces other runes with solar energy; centers and directs working

Teiwaz -- gain justice, but only if you have right on your side (cannot be used if you are guilty, or to pervert justice); combination of Teiwaz and Raido in a bindrune can win a court case

Berkana -- important in feminine mysteries; regenerating forces of nature, growth of vegetation, strong shamanic connections; use to alleviate problems with menstrual periods, pregnancy, delivery

Ehwaz -- create links between people or split them apart

Mannaz -- verbal communication, academic examinations, legal disputes; can be used to arbitrate or mediate in a conflict; used with Ansuz in a bindrune, it can help you in any communication need

Laguz -- sorcery, occult; can use to attract love; if projected between the eyes of a person making a request, a positive reply will be more likely (probably wouldn't work if you asked a bank manager for a million dollars, but would be useful when asking for a pay raise!)

Inguz -- use in binding; also makes a great doorway to the astral, so project onto an imaginary door or curtain, for pathworking or astral travel

Othila -- establishing, centering, and "earthing" a working down to the physical plane; use to invoke Odin; creates a sense of belonging and togetherness in group workings and binds people together in a common goal

Dagaz -- exclude or render invisible; used to place something "outside", for example, you could envelop yourself in this rune to go somewhere unnoticed

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