Also called Othel or Ethel
Old Norse name: none
Flower: snowdrop
Gem: ruby
Number: 7

Where Fehu talks about wealth in the sense of income, Othila indicates wealth as it relates to possessions. The wealth of Othila is usually large, not easily used-real estate, stocks and bonds, trusts. Othila can also indicate wills, legacies, heirlooms, and inheritance in general.

Aside from monetary inheritance, Othila can also indicate one's heritage and genetic inheritance-the physical traits that one receives from mother, father, and grandparents. Other runes with Othila may indicate what those traits are.

Othila can also indicate assistance from an older relative, such as a grandparent, or assistance from established firms or organizations, established foundations, or even the government.

When reversed, Othila often indicates delay. It can also indicate that the querent was expecting some sort of assistance but will not in fact receive it. By the same token, it could indicate that the querent was expecting an inheritance that will not be forthcoming, or that the querent wrongfully feels the "world owes me something." In situations like that, Othila reversed is advising the querent to stand on his own two feet.

In some circumstances, Othila reversed may indicate someone who is wealthy from his or her own actions rather than inheritance.

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