Also called Is
Old Norse name: Is
Flower: heliotrope (money); sweet pea (relationships/people); magickal plants including solomon's seal and sorcerer's periwinkle
Gem: cat's eye
Number: 9

Ice is the traditional meaning of Isa, and there is no mistaking the freezing quality of Isa in a reading. When Isa appears, it indicates that there is no immediate possibility of change, regardless of the nature of the problem. According to Freya Aswynn, it could take as long as three months before things start melting; but as other sources give Isa's number as 9, it could take as many as nine months if the situation is really frozen down.
If the situation is truly frozen, as will be indicated in strongly negative runecasts, it may be too late to change anything at all. The querent may need to cut his losses and move forward. Unfortunately, Isa is not a very comforting rune to see in casts concerning love and relationship issues-love is difficult to rekindle once it has been frozen.

As this rune is one of the nonreversibles, you may need to rely on the runes surrounding it to find out what the situation is and how badly things have been chilled.

Isa is associated with Verdandi, the Norn of the present.

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