Also called Geofu
Old Norse name: none
Flower: lad's love
Gem: opal
Number: 6

Traditionally speaking, Gebo means "gift." According to Freya Aswynn, ancient Northern traditions implied that a gift was given on the understanding that a gift would be received in return. And "gift" does not necessarily mean a present all wrapped up with a bow on top, although it can certainly mean this. The idea of a gift given and gift received is another way of looking at the well-known Rule of Three-everything that you send out is returned to you threefold. So when you give something to someone, you must do so by fully recognizing that you will receive something back. It is the universal idea of balance.

Given all that, Gebo is a rune of balance-depending on where it falls in a reading, it can either mean that the situation is in balance or out of whack. This will be determined by the runes surrounding it, as Gebo itself is nonreversible.

Gebo also refers to agreements, settlements, legal matters, and contracts. Gebo also has a relationship aspect to it-it can often indicate engagements or weddings (remember those Xs and Os -- hugs and kisses -- you used to sign your love notes with? Bet you didn't know you were using an ancient Teutonic rune-that X, or Gebo, was your kiss!). But here again, the balance aspect of this rune comes to the fore. Every relationship needs balance in order to work. One partner cannot be constantly giving or constantly receiving. The classic concept of give-and-take is all over Gebo, and in relationship readings, Gebo can indicate balance or lack thereof within the relationship. Again, the runes that fall with Gebo will determine which it is.
Gebo can also indicate union or partnership, whether it be romantic or business.

Often, Gebo will appear in a reading merely to tell you, the reader, what the reading is all about.

Because it is nonreversible, it is important to examine the runes that fall with Gebo -- -they will help you figure out what Gebo is trying to tell you, or the querent.

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