Also called Feoh
Letter: F
Old Norse name: Fe ("fee")
Flower: lily of the valley
Gem: blue-banded moss agate (love and friendship); green or ruddy-brown banded moss agate (agriculture, animal husbandry); yellow-banded moss agate (intellect)
Number: 6
Month: May

The traditional meaning of Fehu is cattle or wealth. This makes sense when you think about our Teutonic/Norse ancestors and their way of life. To them, cattle were money in the bank; the more cattle you possessed, the richer you were.

When Fehu appears in a reading, it generally represents income, expected or anticipated monetary gain, and/or financial investment. Depending on what the querent is asking, Fehu could also represent a romantic or emotional gain (such as a new lover).

In Teutonic times, a person's greatest wealth resided in his or her reputation after death; Fehu can sometimes signify this meaning as well.

When reversed, Fehu indicates loss or failure if the course already under way is continued, whether in finance or in love. If it falls with positive runes, it usually indicates a necessary delay. If it falls with other reversed or negative runes, querent is advised to give it up; success will not be achieved.


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