Also called Beorc
Old Norse name: Bjarkan
Flower: moonstone
Gem: moonflowers
Number: 2

Essentially, Berkana is a female rune. It indicates Goddess force, female fertility, and the relationship between a mother and her child, especially the relationship between a mother and her infant. Maternal influence/nurturing is key when Berkana shows in a reading. In readings concerning business or some other non-mother/child situation, it still carries the connotation of nurturing, such as the nurturing one would give a business project in its early stages.

Generally though, Berkana is indicative of the domestic situation.
When Berkana is reversed, it often indicates problems or frictions between mother and child, especially between mothers and daughters. Unless it is paired with highly negative runes, however, these problems are usually temporary. Think of the frictions of a child becoming more independent versus the mother who is unable to let go of the child, and that is what Berkana reversed is indicating.

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