Also called Jara
J or Y
Old Norse name: Ar
Flower: cornflower
Gem: carnelian
Number: 4

It is interesting to note that while the previous three runes (Hagalaz, Nauthiz, and Isa) are all related to aspects of time-past, present, future-Jera is related to time itself. Traditionally Jera refers to the year, and especially the harvest. When Jera appears in a reading, it often indicates that querent is about to reap the rewards of previous actions. Because its meaning is "harvest," it can also indicate change, but not the shocking, disruptive change of Hagalaz; the change of Jera is the gradual, almost imperceptible change of spring to summer or summer to fall.

Jera often appears in casts concerning legal matters.

This is another nonreversible rune, which means that sometimes you must look to the other runes in a cast to see if Jera is telling you that you are reaping rewards or sorrows for your actions.

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